Having a desk-based job, I find my neck and shoulders get very tight and tense which in turn decreases my movement and I suffer from pain and headaches.

Having regular treatments from Jane I notice the increase in movement immediately and my neck and shoulders become much more relaxed.

Jane has an excellent knowledge of the body and soft tissue massage, I can recommend her highly.

Treatment with Jane has helps loosen my shoulders and realign my body. Its great for releasing tension in muscles & enabling me to relax.

My back feels amazing, thanks Jane

You sorted out my back pain. I totally recommend you.

My son has been stretching everyday and fingers crossed he seems to have no pain. He has trained at both the track and football and it’s fine. Thank you for you session and we will call on you again should he need it

I’ve been seeing Jane for just over a month now after a prior unsuccessful treatment for lower back pain. Her commitment and dedication to her work is outstanding. I feel she has taken the time to understand and unravel possible causes for my back pain, working on several different areas to address the problem as well as giving me exercises and tips to help ease the pain. As a result, I have been able to get back into my running and feel that, despite it being a work in progress, Jane has enabled me to train and do day-to-day activities without the discomfort I felt previously.